To purchase specific pieces of art, view the item and click on the "Buy" button on that page.  You can purchase prints in various finishes as well as "wall art" which includes canvas and metal options.

Since the aspect ratio of prints differ with different sizes you choose (e.g., 8x10 versus 8x12), there may be some cropping depending on which size you print. Look carefully at the small picture shown when you choose your size. You can drag the box to choose how you want the picture cropped. 

Pay particular attention when creating traditional canvases, as the wrapping of canvas around the frame removes 3 inches on each side of the picture.  Smaller sizes in particular will not be suitable for canvases, as a large proportion of the picture will be placed on the sides.  If you want a particular picture done as a canvas and don't like the automatic cropping this site offers, contact me and I can do a custom wrap that will make the canvas look much better. 

Note that all orders from this web site are fulfilled by a third party (Bay Photo).  They are responsible for all printing, mounting, shipping and overall quality. If you have any problems, please contact them directly using the info provided at checkout.

In addition to what you see on this web site, I also create custom work such as multi-image installations, large scale canvases, etc. See the About page regarding some of the large installations I've done for world famous architects and designers.  If you have any questions, you can contact me at

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